Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 21st

Doggie kisses

November 20th

Playing with panorama

November 19th

Miguel, our terrapin

November 18th

Catching up on some TV in bed

November 17th

Today's dinner

November 16th

Back to work, mmmmm!

November 15th

Awwww :)

November 14th

Dinner :)

November 13th

Dinner made by my lovely hubs!

November 12th

Another tooth gone!

November 11th


Friday, November 2, 2012

October 30th

Some more photos from Dublin

Yummy stuff @ Queen of tarts

These are soooo cool! @ Johnny cupcakes


No lake photos for today

October 29th

Two days and a night in Dublin with my hubby :) I couldn't pick just one photo


Cupcakes @ Homemade by Clodagh Mc Kenna

Viva Espana

View from our bedroom window @ the Wynn hotel


Dinner @ The Mongolian Grill

Tapas @ Viva Espana

the lake, foggy again